Wireframe Mess

Web-design continued. Our second assignment was to create a website wireframe. Basically a blueprint or a sketch of a website. In my case, definitely a sketch. We had to use the 10 ultimate briefing questions from our last task and fill in answers from an imaginary client. I chose my client to be a restaurant owner. … Continue reading Wireframe Mess

Don’t Let it Get to Your Head

Everybody knows that saying, Don't talk about it- be about it?  As I was sitting here doing my final product for the exam, I had a self realization. It all started with me moving to this farm in a village a couple of hours from Hanoi. I'm teaching english to some of the kids that … Continue reading Don’t Let it Get to Your Head

lets catch up

I moved to Vietnam from Copenhagen last week so it's been a bit hard to focus on homework, to say it mildly. Today I got myself to a cafe with decent internet, so that I can finally  upload some of the learning activities we've had the past weeks. Exposure Basics  We had to create a manual  for … Continue reading lets catch up