Snakes, Spiders & Homework

Today I killed 17 spiders the size of my palm and got rewarded with imported Belgium beer by my hosts. I'm aware that my last post stated that there is much more to do in Borneo than drink beer, but after volunteering for two weeks at a retreat center at the base of Mount Kinabalu, … Continue reading Snakes, Spiders & Homework

Wireframe Mess

Web-design continued. Our second assignment was to create a website wireframe. Basically a blueprint or a sketch of a website. In my case, definitely a sketch. We had to use the 10 ultimate briefing questions from our last task and fill in answers from an imaginary client. I chose my client to be a restaurant owner. … Continue reading Wireframe Mess

lets catch up

I moved to Vietnam from Copenhagen last week so it's been a bit hard to focus on homework, to say it mildly. Today I got myself to a cafe with decent internet, so that I can finally  upload some of the learning activities we've had the past weeks. Exposure Basics  We had to create a manual  for … Continue reading lets catch up