My name is Karina and I am in the first year of my associate’s degree in graphic design. I study online through a Norwegian school and in January I decided to use the perks of being an online student to the fullest, so I moved from Copenhagen to Vietnam.
It’s hella cheap here, so my monthly student loan/pay check gives me the opportunity to travel, eat as many spring rolls as I want and drink them down with mojitos if I want. Everyday. 
With a good conscience.
(btw, I can recommend doing this to everybody who don’t know what to do with their life. It’s pretty nice) 
On this blog I’m posting learning activities from school, which we have to..as well as some not school related stuff I decide is so very much important that it needs appearance here.
Be aware though, that I don’t know much about graphic design, except from the fact that we are surrounded by it.Whether it is a book cover, museum map or the logo on my favorite beer, a great design or a bad one, can be found almost everywhere we lay our eyes. 
I hope this journey will be fun and that in the end, I contribute with the knowledge I get from this course and create  interesting resting spaces for our eyes and mind.