You can Do it- Homework

Two weeks ago I ended my tour in Asia and came back to Bergen. A city in Norway where I used to live for a few years before I moved to Denmark. There was a lot of catching up to do and my mind have been so far away from graphic design. I landed on the best day in Norway, 17th of may. The national day is celebrated with champagne for breakfast at 07am before everyone head out to the streets to see the parade or participate in it. Later on the whole country is filled with buzzed happy people that can’t get enough of saying happy birthday to each other and partying until the sun comes up again.

Honestly it feels like i’ve been stuck on that date for two weeks now, so sitting down in the library with a sketchbook, illustrator and coffee, feels great! IMG_1979IMG_1964IMG_1922

I love Norway!



For the next 4 weeks we will have to hand in our mandatory assignment in four parts on our blog. Our assignment is about branding and packaging and this weeks assignment was to create a Logo for a dog snack brand.









Peoples opinion: Most found that number 1 looked more tidy and professional than the rest. On the other hand, they also said that without my brief on what the logo is for, they might have found it hard to understand. Number 2 seemed to be liked, but mostly because it was shaded and therefor looked as if I had put more time into making it. The layout of number 3 was the one that seemed most proportional and correct as a whole. But because the sketch itself was done poorly, not many fancied it.


My final design executed in Adobe Illustrator.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-01 kl. 14.17.52



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