Blame it on the View

For the past three weeks I’ve been greeted by this view when I opened my curtains in the room I rented in Danang. At the same time I’ve tried to deal with the hardest subject in our course so far. Ironically the new program I am trying to get my head around is called Dreamweaver. As mentioned earlier, I have to use code to design a menu for a restaurant and upload it to my own web hosting service.

When I tell people what I do, that is, study online and travel around the world, it sounds like a dream. Often it feels like one to, except from those times when I get lost, not physically, but mentally in an assignment where I don’t even know where to start.

With a deadline a few days away, not even the best coconut coffee or the prettiest beach can be worth more than having the possibility to walk up to a teacher and ask for help. The only thing which keeps me calm at times like this, is that my excuse for failing this subject is quite lovely to look at.



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