Remember That Time in Vietnam?

I know that the generation of people that can’t wait to post which way they had their eggs done for breakfast, on Instagram, is still not instinct.  But I think there are a lot of us who run around with the camera always in the way, hanging on the neck until it starts to hurt, just in case something magnificent comes in our way and we’ll be lucky to capture it and save the memory for ever. And afterwards just put that memory  in a folder on our computer and after some minutes with satisfaction from looking at it and being a little bit proud of sacrificing our comfort for this shot, we close the folder and most probably never, ever open it again.


I am on my fourth Mandatory school task which involves photography. We have to prepare 3 of our favorite images for delivery and this request made me do something I just realized I rarely practice. Go through the photographs I’ve taken.

The pervert in my featured image was spotted whilst window shopping in Hanoi.

Below are some more shots from the past weeks in Vietnam. IMG_0421













3 thoughts on “Remember That Time in Vietnam?

  1. Wow all the pictures are awesome! I loved the one with the bridge, and I totally get that feeling of the sore arm and neck from holding the camera for too long haha. It is really cool that you are studying form Vietnam, what are you doing there are you working? It is a whole new world, totally different from the pictures I use to take so it was really interesting to see them 🙂


  2. I’m happy you liked them! I travel for a while and then I do workaway to save up money. Workaway is a web community where hosts can look for volunteers that want to help out with different tasks in exchange for house and shelter. At the moment I am living in with a family in a village and helping to teach english to their neighbors etc.


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