Don’t Let it Get to Your Head

Everybody knows that saying, Don’t talk about it- be about it?  As I was sitting here doing my final product for the exam, I had a self realization. It all started with me moving to this farm in a village a couple of hours from Hanoi. I’m teaching english to some of the kids that live here in return for shelter and food. It’s a win-win situation and they even have great internet here even though they don’t have hot water. Anyway, after being down South for the past weeks, the temperature drop here in North got me driving to a marked yesterday to buy some warmer clothes and right now it hit me. After focusing so much on delivering all my products with a consistent and collaborative style, I ended up looking like a part of them. 

Seriously, this post is just an excuse for having a brake from the exams it’s is stupid. 

But seriously.. see the resemblance?


The best part is that my new tracksuit is a crossover between Converse All Star and Adidas.

Maybe brand consistency is overrated?


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