Although it is not my first time spending time in Asia, as I’ve lived in Thailand for three years when I was, well.. too young to live in Thailand. I am so in awe from the beaches, nature, fresh coconuts and cheap beer this part of the continent has to offer, but I badly miss one thing, and that is the art scene I could so easily find in Europe. I am completely aware, and also have a personal opinion that some of the greatest artists come from Asia, so I know that if I wasn’t spending so much time on drinking.. coconuts , at the beach, I wouldn’t have problems finding a lot of amazing art here as well. 

But the spoiled part of me that lived in Copenhagen, where the emphasis on making art available, easily, for everybody, still misses the luxury of giving the work of “finding” to professionals and just pay the entrance ticket to one of the  museums the country has to offer.

Here are some shots of the work from one of the most interesting artists I’ve learned about through an exhibition at Louisiana Art Museum, Denmark.

Her Name is Yayoi Kusama and she’s been living in a mental hospital in Japan since 1977, by choice.





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