come at me

Exam time. I feel a bit like the guy to the right in the photo. Just staring at all those pineapples. If you didn’t get that, the pineapples are my exam tasks and i’m just, kinda standing here not knowing where to begin.

The process of our exam is that we have to find, or create a costumer who then want us to create different products for them. I picked a community house in Copenhagen, which is a lovely place that offers a range of artistic activities and also functions as a Cafe. I didn’t actually approach the volunteers running the place, as I think I am far away from being in a position to offer my skills to a real costumer. Pretending that I was asked to make a logo, brochure, business card and a poster for them, was exciting enough haha.

I’ll be working on this for the next 3 weeks and I’m a bit stressed. I feel that If I’d spent the last months being physically at school, interacting with teachers and students, then I would have had far more knowledge and technical abilities. On the other hand, I am so grateful for the¬†opportunity I get to travel and live anywhere, being an online student. I wouldn’t trade it. Not until I see the grades from the exam at least..

Header: A market in Hanoi, Vietnam – Me

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