I love cooking, I love looking at pictures of food, I love books. Our  third mandatory assignment couldn’t  have been a better combination of those three things. Below are some screenshots of my work. Beware, the subject of the whole cook book was: Egg






It was pretty weird having to work with such a big amount of text, which we could not edit. Up until now we have had the whole freedom of making the decisions around almost every little detail when it comes to our design. At the very start I was determent on at least editing every image, so that the style would represent me more, but I quickly realized that my main job was to create a layout which could represent the subject and content in a way which would make it more interesting to a wider audience and the client. Not just myself.


Header image is a tribute to the vietnamese Egg coffee. It’s so freaking good. Studying in Vietnam  became the best choice I’ve ever made after I had a cup of this magic.


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