color or colour?


We are going through color theory this week. This page shows my homework.


-Create a book cover. I chose: “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Wolf: use complementary colours to express anguish and uncertainty.

I went with a more contemporary look on Virginia’s classic, which you can see above.

Then a discription of what RGB and CMYK is.RGB stands for the primary colors red green and blue. When combined they can create a whole range of colors. When the three colors are added together to their full extent though, the result is white. If the colors are combined with their lowest value, the result will be black. RGB color mode should be used for everything that will be viewed digitally only. Where as CMYK, is for printing.  C-CYAN M-MAGENTA  Y-YELLOW K-BLACK uses the subtractive process to create colours. Where each additional color absorb light, and create a new color that way.

And then, we had to make use of Kuler and develop four different colour schemes:



Analogue Analog.png

Btw, I am dedicating this activity’s work to the worst book ever written.



Use one colour photo of your choice and create the following colour effects:

Sepia, Split toning of the image, “Andy Warhol”, Freestyle

The reason I picked this photo is not because it’s great, it’s because I think it’s freaking amazing that there’s oranges growing in trees in the middle of the city.


Original, taken in a street in Valencia, Spain.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES











I spent a weekend re-watching and trying to understand the tutorials on youtube on how to apply the Andy style on images in Photoshop. Failing in amazing ways, which actually led me to my freestyle photo (header), and learning a whole lot about the crazy ways to edit photos with just a few clicks. At the end of the week I figured I should be a bit more old-fashioned and have more respect for the artist himself. As his infamous images are mostly in portrait style, I decided to use this with/against him and use the face of  the man himself for this last task.

Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background


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