Typography-Expressing Meaning

In this learning activity we were introduced to Typography. We were to choose two words from a list and also make up a word and a definition to it. We were then asked to create three compositions, one for each word. The composition had to express the words meaning, with the help of any means at my disposal, color, size, repetition, font etc. 

However, we were not allowed to use any form for scaling or drop shadows. Each composition had to be A4 and all our sketches also had to be uploaded with the final products made on InDesign or Illustrator. 





ElLIMINATION  I used the font Source Sans Pro, combination of font style, light, Bold extra light, placement and an extremely enlarged I to express this word in the way it makes sense to me. I wanted to create a feeling of being eliminated,lonely and small, which I tried to represent here with the thin N placed on the other side of the I. The I is supposed to work like a continuity tool which combines the letters that form the word itself.

COMPRESSION For this one, I wanted to explore the ways I could make an even more visually strong expression of the word. After a few trials with rotation, increasing and decreasing of the word, repetition and placement. I ended up with this composition that, although, a bit harsh on the eyes with the contrast, hopefully gives an illusion of the words compressing themselves from top and bottom and squeezing into the middle of the composition. 

Last one, my fantasy word, I decided had to be a bit more colorful as I catch myself returning to B/W on almost every assignment. Colorful and more challenging, with the help of a meaning to it, which would be harder to relate to. 

The word I landed on is Feliolium. 

skjermbilde-2016-11-27-kl-17-48-49-The feeling one gets from pleasant violin sounds



I am not completely sure that I haven’t heard this word from a spell in Harry Potter.

Header image, from a bathroom door somewhere in Copenhagen. 

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