I realize now, that the start of this study was definitely just fun and games. Now, that we moved into the technical part of graphic design, things are going really slow for me.

I could say that I am just a perfectionist and that’s why..but in reality I have never touched photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. So every idea I get when it comes to creating logos and illustrations, kind of vanish by the time I get to put them on screen. Thank god I spent a weird amount of time in primary school, on drawing my family holding hands and whales. So, combining those skills I at least manage to put something on paper. For the next week I need to learn the magic of moving my ideas from paper to screen.

Writing this post is just a way to sneak away from duties.. And maybe something to look back and laugh at when I become the master of designing with 0 & 1’S.

 link to amazing story of the header image

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