Welcome to SCAMPER

I have been introduced to The SCAMPER method. And the Gestalt Principles. In short, the market of new ideas.

Below is a small description of my work with the SCAMPER method. The Gestalt principles are saved for a Mandatory assignment, which I will write some more about next week.

The seven principle ways of manipulating a subject, were first identified by Alex Osborn, a pioneer teacher of creativity. They were later arranged into the SCAMPER mnemonic  by Bob Eberle, who was an administrator and author.

This tool helps you generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging you to think about how you could improve existing ones.

  • Substitute something
  • Combine it with something else.
  • Adapt something to it.
  • Modify or Magnify it.
  • Put it to some other use.
  • Eliminate something.
  • Reverse or Rearrange it

Our task was to apply this method to a tea-spoon and describe which product comes of it, and how it can be marketed.

We did not get any more description that that, so not having more knowledge about the product (material, color etc) stood a bit in my way of finding exact things I would want to change. I went along with my first thoughts about what could be wrong and useless with a normal metal tea-spoon and combined it with this method, rearranging the order a bit though. Here is the result:

  1. Modify or magnify: Bigger size. Make the tea-spoon into a Table spoon. Small spoons are rarely used in comparison to Table spoons.
  2.  Substitute:Change the material to bamboo.
  3. Combine it: Combine it with chop-sticks. Part of handle break into two Chop-sticks.
  4. Adapt: One side of spoon is sharp. You can use it to cut through stuff in your noodle soup, whilst holding it with the schop-sticks.
  5. Put it to some other use. Dry bamboo is a good fire starter. A hiker could use it in case of emergency on an expedition…
  6. Eliminate. Eliminate it from the shelves everywhere else than in Asia. The spork is for those that use a fork,knife and spoon at the table. This is for Asia, where I have rarely seen any other utensils than spoons for soups and chop sticks for everything else being used.
  7. Reorganize. You don´t have to break the chop sticks off the handle of the spoon, but you can slide them in and out of the handle as you like. This way some can chose to reuse the product, and keep the parts together so that they dont get lost. In the hikers back  pack.

The final product is a spoon on which the handle  part, being hollow. You can slide the chop sticks in and out if the handle. It can be marketed to restaurants, specially those that sell ramen etc. Food truck owners. Hikers and other people that need practical and light utensils. It does not leave marks in the nature, and takes up unnecessary space as trash where there is little. You just burn it.


Featured Image, from a trip to El Marcado Central in Valencia, Spain.

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