Day 2. at the Market

In my second practical assignment/Learning activity I had to design a packaging for rice which had to be different from what is already on the market. I had to use the SCAMPER method to develop my idea, and below is a description of my work and a poorly done sketch of the final product.  (I have a damn long way to go before I can be comfortable with illustrating my ideas with a pen and paper)

For me it has always been easier to get ideas for something if I give myself a case or a goal  to achieve. I have always started things from, lets say, the other end. If I had to write an essay, I would make a good head line first and draw inspiration and be guided by it. If I would start a business one day, I would probably come up with a Business statement, then build the business itself. In this assignment I gave myself a case, and with the help of the SCAMPER method I worked my way to the final product.

The Case: Reduce food waste.

The idea: Design a rice package that will raise awareness in consumers when using the product.

How:A smart packaging that can be used to measure exact portions when cooking. And a package that can visually deliver a message which will make the consumer value the product  and the work behind it more.

The final design I came up with is a cylindrical formed package made up of biodegradable material (of course)The top/lock of the cylinder is formed like an Asian conical hat.  The material should be of straw or matting, just like the real one. And it has to be bendable, so that you can turn it in and out.


The lock/hat will measure exact portion of rice and water. The part for measuring rice will be on the inside, as the volume will be smaller there because of the part that connects to the cylinder. In order to keep moisture away from the rice and get a bigger volume for water, which you need a bit more of than rice, you turn the hat inwards.  There will be a description on the cylinder saying something like: For one portion, 1 hat of rice & one hat of water.

The label on the cylinder will be an illustration of a farmers outfit. The hands are connected in the middle holding the grains itself. To make it more obvious what the product is. On the side there will be a see through measuring line that will go all the way from the top to the bottom of the cylinder. It will say how many dl/hats there is left in the package.

I think first of all, the package will be picked up from the shelf because it will have a completely different look than the usual bag/box like packages. To explain the purpose, there will be a description of where the rice is from and something about the farmers in the area and their work. It will be a big bonus to state that some profit will go to build a school in the area for the farmers children, to make their conditions better.

(cliché alarm) It might seem for some that this is may be a bit of a cliché. But from my experience most clichés are mostly true. As for this package, I don’t want to make it more personal than having an illustration of a farmers outfit around the cylinder and hands holding the grains. The hat is part of that outfit, and sorry, but it would be to messed up if it was topped with a viking helmet or something completely different.


I couldn’t stop myself from putting some statements on the sketch itself as I got a bit carried away with the purpose of this package..

Featured Image, from a trip to El Marcado Central in Valencia, Spain.


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