Меня зовут Kарина

My first assignment from Noroff as a student of Graphic Design, was to post my first wordpress blog post about my Journey Here. The journey to becoming a web student at their school, following a two year graphic design program,and hopefully a third year at a uni in Australia to get as much knowledge I can with the help of the Norwegian educational program.

Telling about myself, especially when getting graded by it, is not my favorite consumption of time. But we got some much appreciated bulletin points which I will fill out. And with that I hope it will give an idea of My Journey Here.

Background: 23y.old, Female. Born in Murmansk, Russia. Raised in Stavanger, Norway. Lived in Phuket, Thailand for 3 years. And Bergen for 2 years. Currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Interests: Good food, Great wine, New places, Cheap Beer. Crazy museums. Messed up dreams. Being in the nature.

Creativity: My favorite assignment from all time was when I had to make a house out of a shoe box in 7th grade. Since then I cannot say I have been the most creatively productive person, but I have of course taken a few pictures and films during my travels. And I have definitely had the chance to get a lot of inspiration from all over the world, which is my personal biggest resource.

Schooling: Not so much. I started film production (fagskole) in Bergen, but quit after a couple of months and moved to Copenhagen.

Future: I want to take advantage of the fact that I live in the Design Capital.EDIT ( I moved to Vietnam Jan. 2017 )  So my optimism for this course and the next two years lies in the hope of finding a sweet trainee spot in a design firm here, whilst studying online. After some good training, I want to get the degree in Australia.

Second assignment is creating a self portrait. I combined it with the personal task of creating a header for the page, so you will find it at the top of the front page.

Photo: Me in 60 years. by Frank Herfort.

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